AEG IAE64411FB 59cm Induction Hob – Black


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AEG 60cm Electric Induction Hob


Reinvent mealtimes with this 60cm electric induction hob from AEG. Featuring signature technology in a sleek design, the IAE64411FB meets all your cooking needs.


Turn up the Heat

Speed up your cooking with the four induction zones on this AEG hob. They heat the base of your pans rather than the hob surface, which is quick and efficient. And, pan detection means that they only get hot when needed, for extra safety.


If you need heat in a flash, use the PowerBoost button for an instant burst that boils water quickly. It’s ideal for everything from searing meat to boiling vegetables and is even faster than a kettle.


Stay focused with Hob2Hood. It controls your cooker hood and lights automatically, so you can concentrate on your culinary creations and not your extractor fan. The hood automatically adjusts the fan speed based on the heat all without lifting a finger. You’ll get powerful extraction when searing and quieter operation when simmering. Perfect.


What’s more, the Boil Sensor detects rising bubbles and automatically adjusts the temperature settings, reducing it to a controlled simmer. You’ll no longer have to monitor your culinary creations and you’ll save time and energy too.


Safe, Clean Cooking

Whether you're making a sauce or frying meat, you don’t need to worry about splashes or spillages with the IAE64411FB. Thanks to the surface staying cool, you can clean as you cook and avoid burnt-on food. The smooth top is easy to keep sparkling, so it’ll take no time at all.


This induction hob will even keep the whole family safe. A child lock stops anything from being switched accidentally while the auto safety feature cuts out the power after a certain amount of time if a zone is left running. Plus, the residual heat indicator will let you know when the hob is safe to touch.


Select the right temperature with ease using the DirekTouch controls. Set the built in timer anywhere up to one hour, and the hob will switch off once it’s finished. This model features windmill zones and a black frameless design which will fit seamlessly into your kitchen, providing great results for years to come.


Experience fast, efficient cooking with this AEG induction hob. Sleek design and signature technology will suit every busy home. Buy yours today.