LG SP2_CGBRLLK Soundbar All in One 2.1 Ch 100W Dark Grey


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You don’t have to be an expert to appreciate great sound performance, and that’s just what the LG SP2_CGBRLLK soundbar provides. Soundbars are a compact and sophisticated way of upgrading your sound system, and this LG model is a great option.
This soundbar comes in a dark grey design but is also available in light grey – SP2W_CGBRLLK.
Sound Quality

The SP2_CGBRLLK will deliver flawless acoustic performance that will take media viewing to a whole new level. The 2.1 channel system and three built in speakers has a power output of 100 watts – enough to convince you that you really are in a jungle or dodging bullets.

Its convenient all-in-one design includes a built in subwoofer and dual action passive radiators for powerful bass. The result is rich and consistent audio no matter what you choose to watch.

AI Sound Pro automatically analyses content and instantly optimises audio settings, so you’ll never miss a thing. Plus, this LG soundbar comes with added sound modes that you won’t find on other soundbars. Specifically developed for cinema and gaming, sound will be at its best when paired with a compatible LG TV – giving you a totally immersive experience whether you love to watch or play.

Premium Design

The LG SP2_CGBRLLK comes with a range of connection options to get the most out of your soundbar. These include:


With a stylish fabric cover in a sleek light grey, this model compliments your home décor. Or, if you’d prefer, you can mount it on the wall for a complete seamless look.

What’s more, the SP2 is made using recycled materials, proof LG is taking a more eco-minded approach to soundbar production. Plus, the internal packaging has been changed from Styrofoam and plastic bags, to recycled moulded pulp – an environmentally friendly alternative that still protects the product.

Listen to crisp, clear audio like never before with this impressive soundbar from LG. Buy yours from Euronics today.